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Organizers: Nicole Dehé (Konstanz), Ingo Feldhausen (Frankfurt), Maria del Mar Vanrell (Berlin)

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the latest theoretical and empirical advances in the domain of the syntax-prosody interface from a Romance perspective. More specifically, we will focus on the relationship between syntactic and prosodic constituent structure, as well as the factors influencing this relationship (such as information structure, syntactic branchingness, prosodic weight, multilingualism, language contact, acquisition, attrition etc.).

In the last twenty years, the empirical and theoretical research on language change on the one hand and on first and second language acquisition on the other has literally exploded. Nowadays, both can be considered in their own right as two of the well established and most fruitful empirical domains of investigation. In both domains experimental methods and statistical evaluation procedures have been standardized and the results obtained have deeply increased what we know about language.