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The map below should help you find your way to the "Casino" building from the main entrance of the Westend Campus (at the bottom of the map) or from Bremer Straße (on the right).

The room 1.801 (main session + workshop "Language change meets acquisition") and 1.802 (workshop "Syntax meets Prosody") are on the first floor, next to each other.

Once you've arrived in the Casino building, you just have to walk up the stairs, and as soon as you get to the first floor you will see the registration/information desk of Going Romance.


[PDF version (for printing) here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7UlVKyrsysodGtCRGw1VElLdUk / adapted from www.uni-frankfurt.de/38093807/Campus_Westend-pdf.pdf